How Can I Make My Ex Girlfriend Speak to Me Again Because I Can’t Seem to Do It

It’s hard,  isn’t it?  When all you want to be able to do is talk to your ex girlfriend and she just doesn’t seem to want to listen to you at all.  It makes you wonder about whether or not there is a way that you can make your ex girlfriend speak to you again … and it can be terribly frustrating if you feel like you have tried so many things and none of them seem to be working.  Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?  Can you find a way to make your ex girlfriend speak to you again?

Well,  first of all,  I’d like to caution you against the idea of trying to “make” your ex girlfriend speak to you again.  Because there are many ways in which you can kind of influence her to respond to you,  but that doesn’t mean that it is going to make her want you back in any way.  If what you really want is to have your ex girlfriend back in your arms again … then “making” her speak to you again is NOT the mindset that you want to have.

What works better?

You want her to WANT to speak to you again.  There is a big difference in how she is going to feel if she feels forced to talk to you versus her wanting to talk to you.  One suggest an obligation and the other suggests a desire.  Wouldn’t you rather to have your ex girlfriend talk to you out of desire as opposed to it being out of her feeling obligated?

You should.

Because no woman goes back to her ex boyfriend out of obligation.  On the off chance that she would,  you can bet that things wouldn’t last because she isn’t being driven to get back with you the way that she should be … on emotion.

You want her to feel an emotional desire to get back together with you.

Because if that emotional desire is there … then you can easily fix whatever was broken in the relationship and get her back.  When that desire is there,  she’ll want to reconcile just as much as you do.

That’s the REAL formula for success here.

So,  what you really need to be focused on is increasing your ex girlfriend’s desire.  For you. If you can do that,  then you won’t have a problem with getting her into a conversation.  Because,  she’ll want to talk to you.  It will be an enjoyable thing for her to engage in conversation with you.  That’s the way that you should approach talking to your ex girlfriend.

The idea of making her or forcing her to talk to you isn’t going to be the best idea that you can come up with.  Not if you want to win her back and have the relationship work out and last in the end.


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Breaking Up With Your Girlfriend - What If YOU Didn’t Want to End the Relationship?

Very rarely is a break up really mutual. People will say that they had a mutual break up, but that is usually just to save face and to keep themselves from having to deal with the reality of what really happened. If you broke up with your girlfriend, but it really wasn’t your idea to end the relationship, you may want to know if it is possible to be able to change her mind. You may be curious as to whether or not you do have a chance of being able to get her back.

Usually, you DO have a chance to get her back.

Of course, usually a guy will mess up whatever chance that he had and because of that, he won’t end up back with his girlfriend. You don’t want that to happen, so pay close attention.

Here is what you need to do if you didn’t want to end the relationship:

1. Come to terms with the fact that you want her back.

Don’t live in denial of what you really want. You might be able to save face in front of other people by saying that you don’t want her back, but if you really do, then you need to try to make that happen. You don’t want to act like you don’t want her back and then come to the conclusion that maybe you could have won her back if you had only admitted that you really wanted her, do you?

2. Find a way to get in contact with her.

The key is to make sure that she doesn’t think that you have a one track mind about getting back together. If she does, it would only be fitting for her to make up excuses for why she cannot meet up with you. You want, you need her to meet up with you at some point in time if you are going to be able to win her back, so you do need to find a way to get in contact with her.

3. Getting help from a proven system can simplify things.

It’s hard to figure out every move that you need to make on your own. If you have some kind of a system that you can refer to as a way to guide you into doing the right things, that can make the whole process of winning back your ex girlfriend that much easier. Don’t discount the idea of getting a little help in getting what you want, which is to have your ex girlfriend back in your life.

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Making Out Like a Bandit - Tips for Massive Success With Women

Most men don’t ever live up to their potential when it comes to the amount of success with women that they would like to have.  Meaning,  lots of guys have the dream of being able to seduce women into bed,  but instead of finding a way to make that happen,  they just accept it as a fact that they can’t make it happen.  You don’t want to end up like that.  You want to be one of the ones that does get to experience dating the way that you want it to be.

So,  what you have to do is to look at what you need to do if you are going to have massive success with women.  Here are some tips:

1.  Confidence is a major factor here.  One of the reasons why guys don’t have the success that they want with women is because they don’t have the confidence to at least try.  If you want to have some decent results when it comes to dating,  you have to possess the confidence to make some attempts.

2.  Being able to make her feel instant rapport helps.  Do you have the ability to make a woman you’ve met feel like she already knows you?  If you don’t have that skill,  that might be one that you want to look into building up.  When you can make someone feel like there is an instant connection,  you stand out.  You are someone that they think about,  and if you can make a woman feel a lot of instant rapport - it’s not that hard to move onto the next phase with her.

3.  Not being afraid to be rejected also comes into play.  Having success with women does not mean that you are going to land every girl that you set your eyes on.  No guy is that good.  You don’t have to be.  You are going to get some rejection from time to time and if you can handle that, you are going to have more success than a guy who can’t handle rejection because you will approach MORE women than that guy will.


Taking Action to Attract Women

What is the one thing that you can really commit yourself to that will definitely have a positive impact on the amount of success that you have with women?

If you said,  taking action,  you would be correct.

Time and time again I see this theme overlapping whenever guys complain about how hard it is to attract a woman and that theme is -  they just are not taking much action at all to make anything get better for them.

You can’t just wish that women will become attracted to you.

You can’t just hope that things are going to flip upside down and instead of getting no attention at all from women,  you are going to suddenly get every woman you pass by checking you out.

That doesn’t happen.

You want to attract women?

You need to take action.

Even if that action is something as simple as flirting with women a little more often,  you are going to see positive changes by taking action.

The word,  flirting,  is an action word.  That alone should be enough to confirm what you really need to do.  Take action and make something happen.


Heartbreak Does Not Have To Last Forever

The worst thing about feeling like you are brokenhearted is, that it feels as though it will last forever. You feel like the pain that is flowing through you right now is here to stay and that can make you assume that you will never be able to get over the break up with your girlfriend. It can turn you cynical towards love very fast. It can also make you assume that you are never going to be able to find someone that can make you feel the way that your ex girlfriend used to. All of that can be very damaging to your psyche and that is not something that you really want to have to do to yourself. For that reason, it’s wise to allow yourself to remember that heartbreaks do not have to last forever.

Pick Yourself Up By Becoming More Sociable Than You Used to Be…

The social isolation that you allow yourself to feel right after breaking up is usually what causes you to feel the most pain. You can avoid this by being more sociable than you used to be. This can help you to feel distracted and it can help you to feel like even though you lost your girlfriend, there are plenty of other people out there that you can have a good time with. The main reason why you want to be more sociable is so that you don’t go through that period of time where you feel like you lost everything. You did not lose everything, you just lost your ex girlfriend and that is something that you can deal with and get over if you try.

Plan to Go Out to Meet Women…

Another good thing for you to do is to make plans to actually go out to meet new women. It’s going to be alarming to you at first to even think about approaching a new woman, but it will start to feel good again. When you do, make sure that you are not in such a hurry to meet someone new that you will hook up with the first woman that you meet and engage in another long term relationship right away. That would not be the wise choice to make. It would be much better for you to think about having some fun for a while and dating casually so that you can experience plenty of diverse women.


Should You Flirt With a Woman You Work With?

This is a question that I have had to deal with quite a bit and it’s one that guys deal with so I think it is worth taking a look at.  Should you flirt with a woman you work with?

Personally,  I am going to just say that I think it depends.  

It depends on lots of different factors.  One thing that immediately comes to mind is whether or not your female coworker is married or in a relationship or if she is single.  It also depends on whether or not you are willing to deal with any fallout that might happen if things don’t go right.

Dating a co-worker can be tricky business.  When I was younger,  I dated a woman that I worked with and it was great for the first month or so.  Then,  after a while,  it got to be kind of tiresome to see her at work and outside of work and I wanted to end the relationship.  However,  it’s kind of hard to do that when you know that you are going to see her at work the next day and you know that other coworkers are probably going to gossip,  take sides,  etc.

I stayed reluctantly in that relationship for another month before I found a different job and ended it.

However,  I would have ended it a lot sooner had I not had to deal with the whole work thing… so that is something that you might want to think about before you start flirting with a woman you work with.

Of course,  if it is just playful flirting and you are not trying to date her,  that is another story.


What If You Could Just Forget About What Could Have Been?

There are some ideas that you get swirling around in your head that you just cannot seem to shake.  They are the ones that can keep you up at night.  They are the ones that can make you feel emotions that you normally never feel.  When a guy starts reminiscing about an ex girlfriend, that usually turns into them thinking about what could have been.  They think about what their life would be like right now if they were still dating her. 

Of course,  that can put a guy in an emotional tailspin.

While it may be enjoyable to entertain the notion that you might have been able to work things out with her,  you can’t do too much of that kind of reminiscing.  If you do,  you’ll end up going crazy and it really doesn’t change things much,  does it.  Should you find yourself caught up in that train of thought,  remind yourself that it really doesn’t get you anywhere when you do that.

You can learn from the fact that you are thinking about her and what could have been.  You can learn that you really do want to be in a relationship and that is always a good thing to know.  You might even be able to look back at mistakes that you might have made and see that there were things that you could have done a little bit differently.

Just don’t think that you have to live in the past.  You really don’t.  You can rebound from just about any situation,  including a break up.  And just because you are thinking about an ex girlfriend,  that does not necessarily mean that she was the one that got away or that you would even be happy with her now had the two of you not broken up.


Flirting Doesn’t Stop When You Get a Date With Her

A very common thing that guys will do once they have won over a woman enough to get a date with her is,  they kind of stop the flirting that helped them to get that date in the first place.  Just getting that first date is not enough for you to stop doing the things that you need to do to make her feel attracted to you.  In fact,  it’s really just a call for you to step things up a little bit if you want to be able to get another date with her.

Guys usually like to be comfortable in these kinds of situations and I think that has a lot to do with why they will turn off the flirting when they really should be turning it up.  They fell uncomfortable when they are flirting with a woman and they are waiting for that moment when they can stop and just act comfortable and cavalier.  Problem is,  that usually leads to them losing whatever attraction that they had created in the first place and then when they call that woman up for the next date,  she flakes out on them big time.

You don’t want that to happen,  so you NEED to keep flirting with her.  You need to escalate her attraction for you while she is on that first date if you want to get a second date with her.  Ignoring the fact that this is what you need to do is going to prove to be why she ends up flaking out on you or brushing you off when you call her up again.

Here are some tips on what you can do to flirt effectively on that first date so that you WILL get another chance to go out with her again:

1)  It all starts with the VIBE that she feels around you.

This is why I like to ignore the traditional wisdom on dating and skip the dinner and a movie thing.  I’d much rather take a woman out somewhere simple,  where we can just bond and she can feel a really good vibe with me.  My favorite thing to do when the weather is good is to find some kind of an outdoor festival that I can take her to because it is EASY to create an awesome vibe when you go to a place like that.  It’s less formal and it’s easy to appear like a couple,  which goes a LONG way to getting that next date with her.

2)  The conversation has to feel NATURAL and TENSE at the same time.

When you really want to get things moving in the right direction,  then you have to have good conversation going on.  If there are lots of boring moments and long pauses,  that’s usually going to work against you.  At the same time,  you still want their to be some tension between you and her,  particularly sexual tension that amplifies as the date moves along.  That way you don’t start to feel like her best friend,  you feel more like someone she wants to end up in bed with.

3)  Finally,  you have to be confident enough to kiss her at the very least at the end of the date.

Skipping that first date kiss is usually what proves to be a deal breaker for the second date for most guys.  You want her to at least go home with a little bit of a buzz because of the sparks that she felt with you when you kissed,  not going home feeling like she still isn’t sure if she likes you like that or not.  If you are afraid to move in for a kiss at the end of the date at the very least,  don’t be shocked if you call her up and the vibe has changed and she doesn’t seem like she is that into you anymore.